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I tried the Cacao flavoured candle and loved the warm chocolatey smell it gave my home. I am very sensitive to smells and found that this candle didn't give me a headache and that I was just able to enjoy the smell.


I received my two candles today, and was delighted with my purchase. They arrived beautifully packaged and the fragrances of the candles exceeded my expectations. I look forward to purchasing other products from your range for myself and as gifts for others. Thanks for my certificate, and including me in the tree planting. Always happy to help the planet.


I'm not a huge fragrance person as I find them too strong. But this subtle scent is absolutely DIVINE! I can't get enough! (TONKA)


I loved how the plum actually smells like plum, and reading all the labels I can appreciate how cleverly the fragrances were put together! Like I've never seen lavender paired with citrus - its always paired with something less fresh!


The candle lit very easily and the aroma permeating throughout my newly vacuumed home is beautiful. I absolutely love the scent of the "Scarlett" candle, rose is my favourite scent of all. I'm very impressed.


We created stunning wedding centrepieces with local fresh flowers and Emberfield candles to add a talking point and scent that guests would remember. It added that extra touch of class to the venue and a feature for our Mrs and Mrs signing table.


One of my besties just moved into a new house and wanted to surprise her with something special that she could smell as she walked in and feel like home. The Scarlet scent was perfect for this. The packaging was personalised, environmentally friendly and cute. She loved it!


I bought two of your bubble candles from the Victoria Point markets on Sunday and I just wanted to let you know that I'm so happy with them! The fragrance is soooo good and makes my entire lounge room smell amazing - I'm blown away by the reach of the fragrance and will now have to purchase one for every room (Tonka & Island)